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Rice Paper Designs

Floral Emblem Sketchbook

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These sketchbooks are handbound using waxed black linen thread in a Coptic stitch. The covers are wrapped in a blue Kozo paper with gold and taupe emblems carefully appliquéd to the top with bookbinders glue. The endpapers match the emblems.

The body of these sketchbooks contain 160 pages / 80 sheets of smooth, unlined white sketch paper.

This binding method allows the books to open and lay perfectly flat for ease of use.

Journal dimensions:
10.8cm x 11.4cm / 4.25 in x 4.5 in
Paper weight: 65lb / 96gsm


Paper Details

Artisan Papers: We use a variety of different papers in our work. Many of them are handmade in different regions of the world. Each sheet of paper is made like a piece of art, and carries with it generations of papermaking knowledge. Find out more about our artisan papers here.

Cardstock: Our cardstocks are all light-weight and acid-free. We use a variety of textures, but mostly smooth for use in our journals.

Journal Pages: Our default paper for journals is Canson Universal Sketch paper. It's best for dry media like pencil, pens, and charcoal. It's natural white, acid-free, has excellent erasability and is smudge resistant.